For 20 years this small business owner steadily grew his clientele in MAX WARD PARK, in MISSISSAUGA, ONTARIO. He's seen people and corporations come and go, and he enjoyed the life he had. Then SUBWAY, and a few other franchises started opening up all around him and he was losing his lunch crowd. Still, his business pushed on, because he realized a loyal customer was always a loyal customer as long as they were served well.

Though the chats were fine and dandy, while standing in a 15 minute line for one of his spicy sausages we had an idea. Why not give the crowd something to look at to appease their appetites, calculate their costs, and highlight the game he asked people to play at the end of their purchase.

He was sold.

  • Category: PRINT
  • Release: JUL 2013 - SEPT 2013
  • Industry: FOOD & RESTAURANT